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Jesmonite is the ultimate chameleon material of the building industry – it can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish in any number of colours.

With the combination of natural raw materials and a special blend of water based liquids, Jesmonite offers a superior alternative to other building materials, it is a fast setting system, with a number of product benefits:

  • Strong, flexible and more durable, making it high impact resistant
  • Lighter than stone, glass-reinforced concrete, sand and cement products
  • Independently fire rated in accordance with European Fire Classification EN 13501-1
  • Reduced smoke density and toxicity characteristics
  • Replicates the very finest detail
  • It has the ability to mimic any texture and reproduce the effect of materials such as stone, metal, wood, leather and fabric
  • Water-based not solvent-based, making it kinder to the environment
  • Can be pigmented to any colour or RAL reference.


Building Architecture

We offer a fully bespoke service, from concept to completion. We have a team of professionals that can provide technical advice to architect and design practices across all aspects or your project:

  • Made from Jesmonite CPD seminars
  • Project meetings and site visits
  • Introductions to approved Jesmonite manufacturers/fabricators
  • Introductions to Jesmonite Structural Engineers
  • Bespoke colour matching service for volume orders

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Are you an architectural or design based practice? We offer a ‘Made from Jesmonite CPD’ which covers an introduction to Jesmonite material solutions, which are used to create bespoke architectural elements and lightweight cladding panels. The CPD would normally last approximately one hour with open Q&A throughout.

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An extensive and impressive range of finishes has been produced, including a variety of metals and pigmented materials. The quality that can be produced is extremely high, both in resemblance to the material they are imitating, and the quality of surface finishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Jesmonite products are composite materials – a combination of a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic resin.

Jesmonite products can be pigmented to any colour reference. Jesmonite can also mimic any texture and reproduce the effect of materials such as stone, metal, wood, leather and fabric.

All Jesmonite products are water-based, non-solvent and contain no VOC's.

Jesmonite products have been tested in accordance with EN 13501-1 under the harmonised Euroclass System of reaction to fire performance of building products which has been adopted by countries across Europe.

Jesmonite products can be broken down into two categories; Acrylic Modified Gypsum Composites and Acrylic Modified Cementitious Composites (PGRC).

Jesmonite products are used within a wide range of decorative markets including craft, tableware, artwork, sculpture, lighting, furniture, marine vessels, film sets, architectural elements and cladding panels.

High grade silicone moulds are predominantly used in conjunction with Jesmonite products due to the silicone offering high levels of flexibility whilst achieving increased ease of de-mould and fine detail replication. Rigid mould compounds including plaster, Jesmonite, GRP, metal, wood, and glass can be used in conjunction with Jesmonite products, however the mould surface would require a release wax/agent to be applied to assist the de-mould of cured Jesmonite products.

Please note that some porous surfaces such as plaster and timber may need to be sealed before release wax/agent is applied, and trials should be carried out to ensure that the product is suitable.

Jesmonite products are supplied as a 2 pack kit, containing a reactive mineral base and a pure water based acrylic liquid. To mix the two compounds together you will require a Jesmonite High-shear Mixing Blade. High-shear Mixing Blades are essential for the proper mixing of all Jesmonite composite materials. They are specifically designed for adding Jesmonite Base into Jesmonite Liquids. The mixing action reduces air bubbles and ensures that the mix is smooth and free from lumps. Two sizes are available, 65mm and 105mm for different mix sizes. They are made from stainless steel, and will attach to all conventional drills.

All Jesmonite products can be pigmented to any colour required when used in conjunction with the Jesmonite Paste Pigments. Please be aware that the Jesmonite Liquid Pigments are not fully UV stable and are not designed for external use, we recommend you use them for internal projects only.

The Jesmonite Paste Pigments are intermixable and can be mixed together to create any colour required. Pigments must be added to Jesmonite Liquids by weight before the Base is added and mixing commences. Pigments are added at a maximum of 2% by weight of the total mix, or 20grams/kilo of total mix (Base and Liquids). 20 grams will produce a strong, saturated colour. For lighter colours simply reduce the addition rate until the desired colour is achieved.

As a basic rule liquid containers should be kept well sealed to prevent water evaporation and skin forming. They should be stored at a constant temperature between 5°C– 25°C and used within six months. Freezing must be avoided. Base should be kept dry and stored at 5°C – 25°C.