The ultimate chameleon material of the building industry & creative projects

Jesmonite can be used to replicate the appearance and texture of any surface finish in any number of colours. The creative product has become the go to material for manufacturers and Architects around the world because we offer an eco-friendly resin, making us the greener solution.

The potential with Jesmonite materials is endless, from terrazzo and marble designs through to mixing pigments to create your own unique colours, these are just a few ways to create amazing bespoke products.

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Hobbyists and Individuals

Jesmonite is the go to material for artists around the world because we offer an eco-friendly resin making us the greener solution.

Manufacturers and Architects

Jesmonite offers stronger, lighter and limitless appearances to replicate any surface finish in any number of colours for your exclusive projects.

Where do I buy Jesmonite?

At Jesmonite we operate through official distributors, if you are looking to place an order for Jesmonite materials, find the cost of products or the cost of shipping simply contact one of your nearest distributors.

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Jesmonite is a material which introduces a spectrum of opportunities, making it the perfect material for artists, creatives and makers. Jesmonite is an eco-friendly safe alternative to resin, plaster and concrete. It is fun, easy to use, can be cast and worked in many ways to achieve stunning outcomes, in a multitude of projects and industries.

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