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Jesmonite is a range of eco-friendly materials used by artists, manufacturers and architects to create anything from cladding to coasters. Jesmonite offers stronger, lighter and limitless appearances for your exclusive designs. Jesmonite is the go to material for artists around the world because we offer an eco-friendly resin making us the greener solution.


Jesmonite is diverse which creates a world of opportunities for creatives like you!

Sophie Coombs

I LOVE Jesmonite! I’ve got a few pieces made by different creatives in my home and it adds such a gorgeous edge. Each piece is so unique, it’s almost unbelievable that they’re made with the same product!

Lainey Neale

Jesmonite is so great to work with. AC100 can be patterned easily and colours brilliant with the Jesmonite pigments. I love the fact it sets in 20 minutes and has a super smooth finish.

Bryony H

If you’re looking for a non toxic material with a wide range of finishes, this composite is the ticket. It’s really versatile.


Jesmonite is such a great and versatile material! We’ve used it to create a wide range of homeware and stationery. Being both easy to use and having a sophisticated stone like finish means it is perfect for anyone looking to make beautiful objects at home. Jesmonite dyes have also been great for creating all different types of effects from marbling to terrazzo, your imagination is the only limit! @heftmade

Emily Marlin

I’ve been using Jesmonite for several years now and the product and customer service has always been fantastic. @EmilyMarlin