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October 2016

Jesmonite & Material Lab at the Surface and Materials Show

Material innovators Jesmonite will showcase a group of very exciting and talented young designers who have taken what is possible with Jesmonite to whole new level. The space at the Surface and Materials Show in London will demonstrate a wide range of new samples collated from Jesmonite’s long experience of surface replication through moulding.

“The show presents us with the ideal opportunity to show the versatility of Jesmonite through the work of those who use it. We wish to elevate our support and co-operation with the Materials Lab as they provide a vital and unique service to architects and designers. It also shows that we are here to support and promote what our customers do with Jesmonite.”

Simon Pearson – Managing Director, Jesmonite

September 2016

Stunning private villa made from Jesmonite

Jesmonite AC730 was the only material solution for these exceptional architectural mouldings by Stevensons of Norwich Limited for this private villa in the Middle East.

This project represents the ultimate proof of the many benefits of Jesmonite AC730 in the level of detail and the accurate reproduction of real stone in a lightweight cladding that allowed Architect, Cristiano Ferme, to express a vision not possible in any other material.

Congratulations to all of the highly skilled team at Stevensons of Norwich for their exceptional work on this ground breaking project.

“Jesmonite, when combined with our artistic and manufacturing skills, is the ideal material for delivering high definition, fine detail and the highest quality architectural mouldings.”

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September 2016

Talented young designer Ariane Prin gets on board

Jesmonite AC100 has been transformed by the designer Ariane Prin in her ‘Rust’ collection. We are delighted to have supported Ariane with materials to help her in the creation of these wonderful works.

“I have been working a lot with the Jesmonite products in the last two years for RUST homeware collection. It is easy to use, easy to clean as it is water based, and it sets quickly. It’s a versatile product so it works perfectly for the type of experiments I do for the RUST range.

The team at Jesmonite has been very supportive and reactive since I started working on RUST, I can only recommend to work with them and I hope our relationship will continue to grow over the years”

Ariane Prin, March 2016.

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